As I sit in my office, watching Match of the Day contemplating on the week that was for Arsenal, I cant help but be confused...

Midweek vs Gala we were sublime. Alexis and the Ox were shredding up the wings, Ozil dominating the middle and Danny Boy netting a treble. We looked and were unstoppable. There were a few tense moments, that tackle on Alexis, Szczesny's brain fart, the flairs but all in all a great result. The turks also had some fun with the seats, thinking they were frisbee's but that's the crazy turks for ya!

Moving on to the weekends fixture, all be it a tough one I thought (as i suspect most of you did) that Wenger had figured out how to play Ozil... but no Le Frog had other ideas. Just to spice things up we drop Ox and push Ozil out wide (again) and guess what... we were limp on attack, no creativity and yep you guessed it, dropped 3 points against the dirty Chav's. Happy I am not and neither are the rest of the crew here at ArseNZ

"Why play someone on wing who doesn't really produce on the wing" MESS

"it is getting embarrassing why we buy people to play out of position. It worked with Henry but he's the only one out of Arshavin, Podolski, Ozil even Theo. It's just frustrating" Greg

And it gets worse when stats like this come out:

  • Arsenal have won none of their last 15 Premier League meetings against Chelsea, Man Utd or Man City (W0 D7 L8).
  • This is Arsenal's second worst league start to a season under Arsene Wenger (the worst being 2011-12)
  • Cesc Fabregas has the same number of goal assists as the whole Arsenal squad this season.
  • Arsenal have failed to have a shot on target in a Premier League game for the first time since September 2003 (vs Man Utd)


On a brighter note, and i'm praying to every god I can think ok, Kedehra rumors are surfacing saying he has agreed personal terms. Could he be the missing link?

YAY.. another interlull. Fuck sake

Always yours