Flipper Finishes Swansea

March 18, 2013

Ahhh, we absolutely needed that win, and that is two clean sheets in a row now. We still didn’t look amazing at the back, Swansea had a couple of great opportunities to score and managed to slip beyond our defenders with ease at times. Of course the scoreline is what counts and we didn’t concede but there is still a lot of work to be done. Dropping Vermaelen and Woj has proven to be a good move, Fabienski is looking sharp and Kos is playing very well, long may it continue and hopefully it will spur on the two dropped players to pick up their game.

Santi Corzola looked amazing, we have seen him look rather lethargic of recent times but today he was buzzing all over the field as though he had just snorted several cans of red bull up that nose of his which could probably rival that of a beagle. He did what we all want to see, take lots of shots! It is something we don’t do anywhere near enough, why not test the keeper? Get the keeper working and let him make the mistakes.

So a goal each from two players that you wouldn’t expect goals from, even if one of them is a striker. Monreal was in the right place at the right time and took his shot well enough to beat Vorm. His first goal for the club and one that broke the deadlock, it looked as though the game was heading towards a dreaded 0-0. But as one goal often does, it brought Swansea out looking for an equaliser which in turn led to our second goal. It was a great counter attacking move, I have to admit, I would have preferred anyone else to receive that pass from Ramsey as Flipper has never filled me with confidence. But well done to him, he got a goal, I just hope that means Wenger will start him next week.

So thanks to Fulham beating the tiny Tots we are now only 4 points behind them, with a game in hand and 5 points behind Chelsea who now sit in 3rd place. We can still do this! It’s not over until it’s over!


March 5, 2013

Well it was a crushing blow in more way than one losing to the Spuds at their ground. Firstly, we weren’t able to beat them in front of their own fans. Secondly we weren’t able to beat them, Thirdly, this means they extend the gap between us and we are now seriously struggling to make that prestigious fourth spot.

We started the game unusually well, we looked good and we looked as though we were going to win it. Two complete howlers at the back though was all it needed for us to lose a vital 3 points and possibly lose out on our regular celebrations of ST T’s day.

There are 10 games left, and they are most certainly not all easy, not by a long shot. We still have to face Man U and Newcastle up at St James Park. We need to win all of  our remaining games, it is that simple!  For me though, that game against the Tots was the tipping point and it didn’t tip in our favor. This is shaping up to be Arsene Wengers worst season in charge so far, but even so, this bad season feels so much worse due to the fact that Wenger has an impeccable record with us.

It isn’t over yet, but we have one hell of a job to do to make that fourth placed spot. We can only hope that Chelsea continue to fail.

It’s A Win

February 25, 2013

Unfortunately there was no live coverage of the game against Villa, so it wasn’t until the day after that I managed to get onto Arsenal Player and watch the highlights.

From what I saw we didn’t look great, obviously we did enough to win but against a team as far down the table as Villa are you would, under usual circumstances, expect to win more convincingly I guess. These are not usual circumstances though, we have had a horribly inconsistent season loaded with your customary American sized helping of injuries. We have just come off the back of two very disappointing cup games, so really, we didn’t need to see a great performance, it would have been nice, but a win is what everyone needed and we played well enough to achieve such a thing.

It was a treat to see our little Spanish wizard bang in two more for the Gunners. I truly believe he will become a huge asset to us, the more he gets used to the English league. One plus of the game other than Corzola bagging two, was seeing us create so many chances. Equally it was disappointing to watch us miss so many of those opportunities we created.

Villa’s goal, for me and I’m sure I’m not alone, was a joke. Schezney earlier in the game had made a couple of really good saves and yet made a bit of a howler of Weimann’s long-range effort. Even so, we won! And we can stop holding our breath, until next Sunday where we will need to suck in another large lung full of air and hold for 90 mins. Being an Arsenal fan is bad for your health, but so is drinking and yet I love them both equally :)

Cheers, ADU

First Leg Not One To Remember

February 20, 2013

It turned out as we expected it to I think. I mean after losing to Blackburn in the division below us, it was always going to be an almighty ask to take on and beat a team as big as Bayern, a team that is in incredible form this year, finalists of last years Champions League and a team 15 points clear at the top in the Bundasliga.

So perhaps it is no surprise that we lost today. The question is, whay aren’t we able to compete with the likes of Bayern? Why shouldn’t we be the top team? One reason is due to us not spending the money we need to to get better and well experienced players into the club.

We sorley missed our regular left backs today. Gibbs is still out due to his injury and Monreal our new boy at the back is cup tied and can’t play for us in this competition. That left us with TV playing as our left back and as we have seen at earlier stages this season, he isn’t the best in that position. In fact most of the time he has been woeful. He didn’t have a shocker today but it was from his side that every attack turned into a goal. Bayern knew that it would be a weakness of ours and took full advantage of it. It didn’t help that Podolski was also playing down that side, he isn’t known for his tracking abilities and that left TV more exposed than he should have been.

The second half at least showed some promise that we might get back into the game. We started holding onto the ball better and pressing a bit more. Podolski started to get into the game and was rewarded with a nicely taken headed goal. Not long after though he was subed off for OG, I was a little shocked at this, mainly because Podolski had just started to get going, he manged to skip past Lamm at one stage as though he wasn’t even there. Thomas Rosicky came on for Ramsey, again not the sub I would have made. Ramsey was playing quite well. Corzola should have been taken off and replaced by TR7 at half time, by which stage Corzola had proved himself useless. I think a midfield pairing of TR and Wilshere would have been the key for this game. They are both brilliant at running at defenders and skipping past them, they get free kicks in dangerous positions and just generally pose a great threat.

So now we have to play Bayern again, this time in Bavaria. We couldn’t make use of our home advantage, but you can bet that Bayern will. We of course need to keep a clean sheet as well as scoring 3 goals. It is a mammoth ask, not totally impossible but highly improbable. For me, I think the season is over. Another one without a trophy, we just need to secure that fouth place spot and hope that we can still attract some new talent to our currently desper

Visit to Stadium of Light

February 9, 2013

Ok fellow Gooners, tomorrow morning at 3am we take on Sunderland at the Stadium of Light. As you may or may not recall we drew with Sunderland early in the season, the result was a rather disappointing 0-0.

This time around I think it will be different. At that stage in the season we had three very new players that weren’t settled into the team. Giroud missed a great chance up front. But now Giroud is showing us his class, every game he seems to get a little bit better, producing some wonderful first time passes thus getting assists, or banging in goals. Podolski and Corzola have settled and whilst I don’t think we have seen the best from them yet, it is clear that they are great players with so much potential to continue to get better.

So I think this time we will see the game go in our favor. As I predicted on my own blog www.arsedownunder.com, I can see us winning 3-0. I know we have some issues at the back right now, what with Vermaelen and Kos both out but if Squillaci is given the chance to play perhaps he will step up and show the boss that he should be considered every game. It isn’t overly likely, but a possibility none the less!

For those of you who watched the England International game, you will have seen how Wilshere put in a great performance. He just continues to impress and is a vital asset to our team. I think he will again be the difference against the two sides.

Anyway, enjoy the game and don’t forget to visit the site for a match review.



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