NZ Club

The Arsenal Supporters Club in New Zealand began in the early 1990s , before the days of  Arsene Wenger, in the last years of George Grahams era.

Back then we communicated with a monthly newsletter and regular meetings at the old Kiwi Tavern in Auckland City. Since then technology has improved and most of our original members used the internet and Sky TV to get the Arsenal Fix.

We organised some great nights in the early days with good turnouts in Auckland Pubs to FA Cup Finals and League Championship winning Live Games. The 2000 UEFA Cup final was a highlight for us , apart from the disappointing result we had 300 Gooners turn out at the Immigrant bar in Auckland.

In 2007, we decided to gain official status with the club, with the view to growing the supporters Club in Zealand.

We hope to unite all you Gooners living in New Zealand and give you a better sense of belonging to ‘The Arsenal’.

Become a Member

Joining the New Zealand Arsenal Supporters Club will give you the right to apply for tickets and give you access to merchandise and special offers when available.

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  1. Have only just found this outlet. Bill we will have met in the depature lounge in Aukland. 2006. Your group were in the maroon shirts. My wife and self were shipping out Emirated to Gatwick. First night in England for 53 yrs and we go down 1-2. Got to happen again soon surely.

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